Careers with Vocational Rehabilitation
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Internships and Practicums FAQs

What happens after I submit my application and questionnaire?
  1. Your application will be reviewed by our internship coordinator and you will be notified of its receipt.
  2. Your information will then be shared with the offices in your preferred area to try and find an internship location.
  3. If a location is found you will be contacted for an interview.
  4. If accepted, VR will then start the paperwork approval process (HR Paperwork and a contract between VR and the University) and you will be contacted for additional information.

How is fingerprinting completed?
If you are accepted for an internship, the local office will contact you and arrange for the fingerprinting. It will be paid for by VR.

I work for a university and we have several students interested in completing an internship. Can one agreement be completed and approved for all the students?
Unfortunately, no. Each student is required to have an approved internship agreement signed by the Florida Commissioner of Education. This is why it is so important to start early.

Do internship agreements have to be on your form?
No. But the agreement does need to be approved by VR. That can start by the VR internship coordinator sending you a template which can be edited, or the university sending VR an agreement for approval. Either way, we will continue to work with each other until an agreement is satisfactory to everyone.