Self-Advocacy Training:

Learning How to Speak Up For Yourself

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Self-Advocacy Training is a service designed to prepare individuals on how to better communicate their strengths, abilities, interest, and needs when interviewing with potential employers or applying to trade schools, colleges, or universities. Students who participate in this service learn how to represent themselves and make decisions that affect their lives. Throughout the training, students learn skills that increase confidence and self-esteem while helping them develop a sense of independence and self-empowerment.

Students will leave the Self-Advocacy Training with meaningful and relevant tools that can be used as they transition out of high school. A Self-Awareness Portfolio will provide students an opportunity to highlight their strengths and skills while identifying reasonable accommodations necessary for success. A Professional Portfolio, which builds on the Self-Awareness Portfolio, allows students to document their skills and abilities through evidence and letters of recommendations.

Approved VR vendors provide the Self-Advocacy Training service. These vendors are required to go through training and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the content. Below is the training information for School Districts. If there are questions about the training or supplemental materials provided, please contact