Handbook of Services
Handbook outlines the services offered by Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and the steps to prepare for, keep or start a job based on your interests and abilities.
Your Guide to Employment Handbook of Services (PDF) (Large Print)
Su Guía Para el Empleo Manual de Servicios (PDF) (Letre Grande)
Gid Travay ou Manyèl sou Sèvis yo (PDF) (Ekriti Gran Karaktè)


Become a Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor
A vendor is a person or business that provides services (e.g., medical services,
training opportunities, specialized equipment) to VR customers that will lead to a goal of employment.
Become a Vocational Rehabilitation Vendor (PDF) (Large Print)
Conviértase en un Proveedor de Rehabilitación Vocacional Á (PDF) (Letre Grande)
Vin Yon Vandè Sèvis Reyadaptasyon Pwofesyonèl (PDF) (Ekriti Gran Karaktè)

Building Careers One Person at a Time
VR offers a variety of services that will assist individuals with a disability find meaningful careers. Services include general, supported and
customized employment, Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deafblind, Pre-Employment Transition and Ticket to Work.
Building Careers One Person at a Time (PDF) (Large Print)
Desarrollando Carreras Una Persona a la Vez (PDF) (Letra Grande)
Konstwi Karyè Yon Moun Alafwa (PDF) (Ekriti Gran Karaktè)

Diversify Your Workforce
Finding qualified and dependable employees is one of the greatest challenges many business leaders face. If you are looking to diversify your workforce, look no further than VR. VR's talent pool has the drive and skills you want, with the abilities, qualifications and dependability you need.
Diversify Your Workforce (PDF) (Large Print)
Diversifica tu Fuerza de Laboral (PDF) (Letra Grande)
Divèsifye Mendèv Ou (PDF) (Ekriti Gran Karaktè)

Helping People with Hearing Loss
Overview of VR Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Deafblind services.
Helping People with Hearing Loss (PDF) (Large Print)
Ayudando a las Personas con Perdida de Audición (PDF) (Letra Grande)
Ede Moun Ki Gen Pwoblèm Pou Tande (PDF) (Ekriti Gran Karaktè)

Independent Living Program
Independent Living Program promotes and supports a philosophy of independent
living for persons with significant disabilities who wish to maintain or increase their level of independence. This state-federal partnership funds 16 Centers for
Independent Living.
Independent Living Program (PDF) (Large Print)
Programa de Vida Independiente (PDF) (Letra Grande)
Pwogram Vi Endepandan (PDF) (Ekriti Gran Karaktè)

On-the-Job Training
On-the-Job Training (OJT) is an opportunity for the employer to mentor a person with a disability, helping them develop the skills needed to realize their career goals.
During OJT, the trainee interacts on a regular basis with employees who do not have disabilities, holds a regular position, and is paid no less than minimum wage. OJT
helps people with disabilities get used to the employment environment while gaining valuable work experience.
On-the-Job Training (PDF) (Large Print)
Capacitación en el Trabajo (PDF) (Letra Grande)
Fòmasyon Nan Travay la (PDF) (Ekriti Gran Karaktè)

Pre-Employment Transition Services
Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) offer students with disabilities an early start at career exploration and preparation for adult life. Beginning at age 14, students with disabilities can connect with VR for Pre-ETS. VR works with students, their families, their schools and community partners to enrich transition planning and support students with gaining knowledge and experiences necessary so they may make informed decisions about their future.
Pre-Employment Transition Services (PDF) (Large Print)
Servicios de Transición Previa Empleo (PDF) (Letra Grande)
Sèvis Tranzisyon Avan Travay (PDF) (Ekriti Gran Karaktè)

Programs Vocational Rehabilitation Supports
Programs VR supports that help students with disabilities train for a job, continue
their education or find a job after high school. Under this program, every youth will have the opportunity to participate in sponsored career counseling, work-readiness training and fully-integrated work experiences in the community. These services are delivered while youth are still in high school or postsecondary education to establish the foundation for a seamless transition to individualized training, education and employment.
Programs Vocational Rehabilitation Supports (PDF) (Large Print)
Programas de Apoyo de Rehabilitacion Vocacional (PDF) (Letra Grande)
Pwogram Sipò pou Reyadaptasyon Pwofesyonèl (PDF) (Ekriti Gran Karaktè)

Supported Employment and Complementary Services
Supported Employment Services assist youth or adults with the most-significant disabilities obtain and maintain competitive, integrated employment. Services are individualized and consistent with the unique strengths, abilities, interests and informed choice of the individual to help them succeed. Services include customized, self-employment, Discovery and OJT.
Supported Employment and Complementary Services (PDF) (Large Print)
Empleo Con Apoyo y Servicios Complementarios (PDF) (Letra Grande)
Travay Asiste ak Sèvis Konplemantè (PDF) (Ekriti Gran Karaktè)

Ticket to Work Program
Free and voluntary program that supports career development for individuals who receive Social Security disability benefits and need support and services to succeed in the workforce.
Ticket to Work Program (PDF) (Large Print)
Programa Boleto para Trabajar (PDF) (Letra Grande)
Pwogram Tikè pou Ou Travay (PDF) (Ekriti Gran Karaktè)