Strategic & State Plans

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The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) State Plan is VR's contract with the federal government explaining how VR helps people with disabilities find employment. The State Plan must be submitted to RSA each year to obtain federal funding for providing services to our customers.

RSA State Plan (Federal Requirement)

2015 State Plan (English - PDF)
2015 State Plan (English - RTF)
2015 State Plan Updates and Attachment Descriptions (English - PDF)

2014 State Plan (English - PDF)
2014 State Plan (English - RTF)

2013 State Plan (English - PDF)
2013 State Plan (English - RTF)
2012 State Plan (English - RTF)
2012 State Plan (English - PDF)

If you have any comments about the management of Order of Selection, the state plan, or VR's strategic plan, please email them to

Send to:
Elizabeth C. Moody, Strategic Planning Coordinator
FL Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
4070 Esplanade Way
Tallahassee, FL 32399-7016

or by FAX: (850) 245-3362
ATTN: Elizabeth C. Moody

2014-16 VR Strategic Plan

The VR Strategic Plan is the guiding plan used to manage VR's day-to-day operations. Using the RSA State Plan as its guide, the VR Strategic Plan is updated yearly to help VR stay on track with its vision and mission. Each year, objectives that have become part of the normal operations of the agency are moved off the list to make way for new objectives that will keep VR moving in a positive direction.

The plan has an "At a Glance" (PDF) version that is available for you to download.